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A Quiet Confidence: The Modern Gentleman's Classic Style

Posted on 28 May 2014

Gentlemen, take note: it’s time to stop worrying about the latest trends in fashion. Shake off the unnecessary stress of keeping up-to-date with the next big thing and hottest must-haves; true style emanates from the quiet cool of looking clean, crisp, and classic.
Groomed and styled to conquer the world.
Wearing clothes that fit well and are perfect for the occasion make you feel great—and that confidence, in return, emphasizes your style. Your clothes say a lot about you even before you utter a single word, so it’s best to be as selective with what you put on your back as you are with your vocabulary. Aside from the standard pieces—a great pair of trousers in a classic shade of earth, a properly-fitting white button-down, a tailored jacket—it’s also a great idea to accessorize to show a bit of personality. Choose the right shoe to go with your belt, or cuff links in shapes that show who you are (maybe an antique stag head if you’re outdoorsy, or a geometric piece if you’re into design).  Knowing which accessories to wear, and for which occasion, will take your style a notch higher.
If you’re looking to go dapper for a morning event or wish to dress up a casual Sunday brunch date, but think a tie’s a bit too much, go for an ascot. It says classic cool that’ll go great with an easy attitude and a relaxed daytime activity.
Cary Grant wearing an ascot.  Even the dog approves.
Ascots were pretty common back in the day (in the 60’s and 70’s, to be exact), worn by debonair gents like Cary Grant. Take cues from Mr. Grant and tie an ascot loosely around your neck and under your button-down to add a bit more character to your outfit. Keep the colors within the same spectrum if you want it understated and subtle, or choose a pop of brights and patterns to make a statement.
Don’t think ascots are a throwback style, though—a classic is a classic.  The ascot has become somewhat a symbol of the chic modern gentlemen. From Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (pop culture’s archetype of the modern, sophisticated gentleman) to Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone in The Godfather, you have quite a few modern references to show how an ascot can be worn: with relaxed poise, and a certain awareness not just of yourself, but of the time, place, and nature of where you are.
Same color scheme, different patterns on Chuck Bass.
At the end of the day, this is what true style is all about after all: not the trend you subscribe to, but the self-awareness and confidence that comes with wearing something that makes you—and those around you—feel respected.

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  • Eliane: January 20, 2015

    i’ve been a huge fan of the brands since i can rebemmer… so awesome that you are styling for them now!!! i love you my bikerbabedreamcometrue! and i need those shorts too! you better tell me when those suckers come out!!! xoxoxo

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