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A Gentleman's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Posted on 19 December 2014

Vintage Christmas Wallpaper from
[Vintage Christmas from]

It’s that time of the year once again—time to binge on comfort food and Hot Toddies, for countless social events with family and friends, and rushing from store to store in a flurry of tinsel and wrapping paper. Christmas is supposed to be about spending time with our loved ones but the bustle that surrounds the season can overwhelm us at times. What’s a modern gentleman to do?  Below you'll find a list of our tips for surviving all the merry madness with a bit of slick style and dapper sensibility.

Always come prepared. If you’re going to a friend’s Christmas dinner party be polite and bring something to share—say, a bottle of good wine. It’s also a good idea to be privy of who your audience will be. If you know your friend's children are coming along, perhaps you can bring a box of goodies for the kids to keep entertained through the night. Are the hosts animal lovers? A pack of treats for their pets is a lovely way to spread the generosity and good cheer to everyone—even if they’re not allowed at the dinner table!
[Cary Grant from]

Go the extra smile. It seems like a bit of an obvious tip, but everyone knows Christmas time can be a tad stressful—from long shopping lines to traffic jams, it’s easy to get lost in the festive frenzy. Smile your way through it (even if it seems like the hardest thing to do at times). Studies have shown that holding a smile can actually reduce stress. And whether you believe it or not, you look so much better when you smile! 

Antisocial media. This may be one of a gentleman's worst offenses. Get off your smart phone and live in the moment.  Sure, it’d be great to post a shot of that amazing dinner spread on Instagram or Facebook but if you’re staring at your mobile screen longer than you can hold a conversation it’s time to holster that gadget back in your pocket. A true gentleman is always present in the moment. Listen, share stories and laugh! It’s a perfect time to get updated on your friends’ and loved ones’ lives.  That status update can wait. 


[The Morgana Ascot from Ceravelo]

No such thing as overdressed. Go the extra mile and get groomed. Visit your Fellow Barber for a good haircut and beard trim. Press your shirts and shine your shoes. Truth is you don’t really need an excuse to look your best, but dressing up for the holidays makes for a rather fun reason to make the effort. Stick to sartorial classics to up your style game for the season—play up a crisp, white button-down with Ceravelo’s Morgana Ascot to add an old-world charm to your look.  Or add flare to your attire with the Dahlia Eighteen Boutonniere. Of course, dressing up isn't strictly about the looks; it builds confidence and can change the way people perceive you. I would even say that it shows respect for the people around you.

[Add a pop of color to your attire with the Dahlia Eighteen Boutonniere]

It’s easy to get "holidazed" during this season but a gentleman keeps his wit.  He carries himself well, is thoughtful and polite.  He's not afraid to smile and has an unabashed style.






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