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The Ascot Thief: Final Part

Posted on 14 March 2013

The Game


A hundred yards before the first entrance Sofia and I separate. With complete confidence I walk the perimeter lined by the shadow of marble pillars as she taps hypnotically through the open courtyard. Passing through the museum corridors the eyes of the guards are arrested on her.

Just before I arrive at the painting I fix my ascot tie and muse upon the Fall of Man. I take three more steps and look up at the priceless gem painted by Michelangelo. “This is the one,” I tell myself, The Creation of Adam. Like a damsel in distress, Sophia faints to the marble floor. Women from the crowd gasp and every man reacts as if they were her knight in shining armor.

The Ascot Thief

While the guards and staff attempt to nurse Sophia back to consciousness, I slip through the dimly lit maze leading to the exit. The beat of my heart deafens every sound and my body temperature rises. Just before I push through the silenced, fire exit doors I remove my ascot tie and let it fall to the floor. A gift for my trackers.


Reaching the car I quickly change my outfit. I ignite the engine and motor to my destination.

By now Sophia is being escorted on a gurney through the museum gates. Medical personnel reassure everyone that she will be taken care of and quickly remove her from the scene. The ambulance drives away and soon slips into the Presidio fog. It won’t be long before the rolling brume consumes the entire city.


Down towards the mouth of the Bay I am waiting for Sophia with the top up and the heater pumping. The ambulance pulls in front of me and the double doors swing open. Sophia steps down carefully and walks to the car with an enchanting gait. She smiles and I smile back.


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