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Defining the Modern Gentleman: Revitalizing the Ascot

Posted on 25 October 2012

A New Era for the Ascot Tie

As men everywhere ditch their traditional neckties in favor of more playful and fashionable alternatives, we have witnessed a shift towards the skinny tie and bow tie. The real modern gentleman; however, prefers the ascot.


[Photo Credit: Iann Ivy, Photographer]

The ascot is a clear choice for the dapper fellow looking to step up his game. Men have chosen this variety to separate themselves from the boys. The versatility of a modern ascot is far greater than a simple necktie and has the ability to transform a single outfit in numerous ways depending on the occasion.

So what does this gentleman in an ascot look like?


[Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law]

Using the terms “gentleman” and “ascot” in the same sentence may conjure images of a man in the 19th century Victorian era wearing a long tailed tuxedo and top hat. For good measure, he might also be propped with a cane. Entertaining as it may be, this is not our modern gentleman.

The modern gentleman pairs a knotted ascot with jeans, an open collar, cardigan and Wayfarers during the day. In preparation for a night on the town, he changes into a blazer, slacks and a button-up shirt and uses the ascot as a scarf.


The Modern Gentleman Defined

The modern gentleman is multi-faceted, ambitous, confident and virtuous. He also considers and cares about style. Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine, expands on this by stating that “a person who considers and cares about style then cares about his place in the world, cares about taste, and that branches out into taste in good food, wine and travel.”

The modern gentleman is not defined by age, race or sexual preference, nor is he confined by shape, stature or socio economic status. He is best described by Tom Ford in the 5 steps to being a modern gentleman.


[Photo credit: Mariano Rubinacci]

The ascot tie is not for every man. It has yet to be modernized and revived from the antiquated stereotypes of the royal ascot. However, when a man seeks the virtues outlined above he can surpass the stigmas and wear the ascot with ease and sophistication.


[Photo Credit: The World's Most Interesting Man]

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