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Ashton Kutcher: Celebrities in Ascots

Posted on 24 August 2012

An Ascot Ties it Together

Like a handkerchief peeking from the pocket of a suit jacket, or a cool pair of shades, an ascot can really tie any outfit together. An ascot adds a distinct stylish flare and is both classy and masculine when it’s tucked into a carefree open collar and worn with a sports coat or blazer, a la Ashton.

Two Ways to Wear the Same Ascot Tie


[photo source:]

After you look past his starry gaze and celebrity smile, notice how the exact same ascot is worn with two different outfits in the image above and below. The first ensemble boasts a black peacoat, white collared shirt and a patterned, maroon ascot. The ascot is worn low yet manages to add a perfect touch of color and style to the basic black and white outfit. Cut!

Take two:


[photo source:]

Ashton rids himself of the popped pea coat collar and fancies the outfit up a bit with an elegant black suit jacket and peaked lapels. On any other day, wearing a black jacket over a black collared shirt would be blasé, BUT the ascot saves the day. Suddently you notice the sheen on his chic black shirt and how the ascot tie adds the necessary flare.

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