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The Versatile Ascot Tie: Exclusively from Ceravelo

Posted on 05 July 2012

The Versatile Ascot Tie

This summer season, Ceravelo’s focus was on introducing new bold colors and striking patterns along with more style ideas for wearing the ascot tie. We present to you, “The Versatile Ascot.”

Traditional Ascot Tie

The Versatile Ascot is specific to Ceravelo and is intended to maximize utility by offering a variety of style options. Traditionally, men assume that purchasing an ascot limits them to the conventional, under the collar style seen below. Depending on which part of the world you live in and the type of climate you experience during summertime, this mode of wearing an ascot might not be sensible.

(purchase the veuve ascot here)

Nevertheless, this classic look will always be in style and is a great idea for a nice evening out with a date.

Cocolupa/Ruche Ascot Tie

When the sun is shining and you feel like looking dapper, stay cool by loosening up a bit. Take your Ceravelo ascot tie and go for the cocolupa/ruche style knot. Wearing it as such removes any congestion around the neck. This casual style look is perfect for daytime activities. The knot will remain intact as you zoom from one part of town to another and will help you maintain that look of “put-togetherness.”

Now is a good time to mention that with a Ceravelo ascot you not only have the option of tying your versatile piece in a variety of ways, you can also style it so that the reverse side shows (in the image above the reverse side is the solid blue). Get a little fancy and color block your ascot look!

Knotted Ascot Tie

If you feel like having some fun with your wardrobe try using the knotted style for your ascot tie.’ve got the blue and white Sperry loafers, some red, white and blue plaid shorts, a blue v-neck and a light navy sport coat but look in the mirror and want to spruce up your look for the fun of it. Use this quick and simple method of tying your ascot to bring the outfit together and voila!

(purchase this ascot here)

Scarf Look

And the fourth (but certainly not the last) way to wear your ascot is to simply sport it as a scarf. This style is completely relaxed but still presents a clean look. It lays nicely inside a summer sport coat and provides a bold accent to shape the collar and face.

Be sure to check out our Tumblr blog for other men's style ideas and click here to see how to tie an ascot.


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