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Will Wearing an Ascot Tie Make Me Look Like a Movie Star?

Posted on 13 June 2012



Wearing an ascot certainly makes movie stars look like movie stars, both on and off the big screen. So the next question is, do wardrobe stylists use ascots to create a star’s distinctive style? Or, do they accommodate the ascot tie into the star’s personal style? Easier put, do the clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? The answer is probably a little of both.

Finding your style with the ascot tie

If you’re like me, creating a unique and personal style is a challenge and for most men, wearing an ascot tie might seem a risky fashion choice. Any fashion forward foray can seem risky in the short-term, but forging and embracing a new look is worth the risk. Take for example the bow tie. A few years ago wearing this accouterment was a fashion risk. Today, the bow tie is a mainstream fashion choice that still makes a statement about the wearer.


There is no other fashion accessory in history that is as timeless as the ascot tie. Whether it is Al Pacino in “The Godfather” or Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland,” the ascot distinguishes the wearer as a person with unique style and taste. Wearing an ascot gives the wearer a chic look that can be either elegant, hip or a combination of both.



Your person is often shaped by how other people perceive you. So naturally it’s difficult to step outside these boundaries; however, the best way to get comfortable in a new look is to start wearing it. Try wearing an ascot to a party or a reception where you don’t know a lot of the other guests and you’ll have the liberty to express yourself. It’s likely you’ll be noticed for your distinctive style but more importantly, you will have gained a definitive level of confidence after a couple of outings with your new look.

Even if your goal is to look like a movie star, never appear as though you are wearing a costume. A costume is for someone playing a role and should you agree with Shakespeare that “all the world’s a stage,” always be aware of the fact that you are playing the part of yourself. Own your look and wear it with confidence.

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