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Worried about Getting my Ascot

Posted on 08 June 2012


Ascot tie in the public eye

I was watching a promo for the new version of the TV show Dallas the other night and I noticed that JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) was wearing an ascot tie. On the old Dallas Larry Hagman always wore a standard boring necktie, so the cool looking ascot caught my attention. Why do all the cool guys get to wear ascots? Because they can I guess. So do cool guys wear ascots or does wearing an ascot make guys cool?

Generations of movie and TV stars have long been sporting ascots as a fashion forward look that has often not been embraced by the mainstream male. Cary Grant often wore an ascot in films and certainly as part of his personal style Fred Astaire and Robert Wagner both sported ascots in the ‘It Takes a Thief” TV series and both wore them as part of their day to day wardrobe. Even today, Robert Wagner continues to look dapper and dashing in his sport coat and ascot.

Ascot tie – the time is now

Now the ascot tie is back in style and bigger than ever among celebrities and tastemakers. I’m beginning to see it incorporated more into men’s street-style, urban fashion and of course the conservative, classic look. More photos are emerging of young hip celebrities like Brad Pitt, Adrien Brody, Chuck Bass and David Beckham wearing ascots with everything from jeans to tuxedos.


Fashion is of course, cyclical and various fashions go in and out of favor. Whether it is the width of lapels on a suit/sport coat or the width of ties, it’s possible that everyone will wear pajama-like, Star Trek unitards once in their life. Staying fashionable often means adjusting your personal style to incorporate evolving trends. This means that it’s time to stop worrying about getting your ascot.

As you incorporate this new look into your personal style you will find that you have a new option for occasions where an open shirt is too casual but a shirt and tie is too formal or uncomfortable. Adding ascots to your wardrobe is fun, adds diversity and often times elicits unsolicited compliments. It’s guaranteed that someone will notice that you are wearing one. So go ahead, get your ascot!

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