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Transforming your Ascot Tie to Compliment your Outfit

Posted on 17 March 2012

A night on the town or an elegant wedding; your ascot makes the perfect accessory for any occasion. Wearing an ascot will differentiate your style, learning to style your ascot will make your outfit versatile.

Ascot Style: "Under the Collar"

Wearing a flannel or cotton button-up shirt? Well, this style ascot will fit your outfit perfectly. It involves the classic ascot setup, but it looks less formal. Instead of pulling the ascot over the collar of your shirt, you keep it simple and leave it tucked in. Unbutton the flannel, or cotton shirt, one to two buttons to let the ascot show tastefully. This is the style you’ll find in our personal collection.

Ascot Style: “Over the Collar”

The classic ascot style is most suitable for formal events such as weddings and celebration parties because it works well with thicker fabric coats and vests. You wear the classic ascot over the collar of your shirt with the ends tucked into the jacket. If you don’t quite understand if you should wear an ascot with this style, ask yourself: “Can I wear this outfit with a bowtie?” If the answer is yes, you can most certainly wear the “over the collar” style.

Ascot Style: The “Ruche” Style

Whether you are tired of the typical “over the collar” style you just prefer longer “tie-like” accessories to your suits, the Ruche style offers you the ability to change up your typical look for something spicier. Using a long-styled ascot, tie your ascot into a cocolupa knot and tuck the ends into your jacket. Great for evening cocktails or elegant celebrations!

Ascot Style: The “Knotted” Style

This style of ascot is more fashion-forward and less formal than the other styles. Tie your ascot in a knot around your neck, not too much so that you choke yourself. The knot should be centered on your neck, and the ends can be accessorized to your liking. Whether you want them tucked in, crisscross or just left dangling in the wind – the choice is yours. Whatever method you choose, the ascot will make a classy addition to your outfit. Choose different patterns, fabric types and colors to get the perfect aesthetic to match any ensemble.


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