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Making the Brand: Ceravelo

Posted on 23 December 2011

This past Saturday Jim and I woke up before the rooster crowed to set out on our video expedition for the making of our second Ceravelo video.  With a concept and storyline in mind we headed towards the Marin Headlands at 0600 hrs to set up the cameras and wait for the 07:18 am sunrise.  Knowing how fickle Bay Area weather can be my only hope was that the fog didn't cloud our shot.  Let me tell you, thank God I prayed, because that was the most beautiful sunset I've seen in a month of Sundays.



After taking in the natural beauty we continued down the foothills to one of San Francisco's old military fortifications, Battery Spencer.  We had to climb over a few ropes and hop over a few fences but we eventually got our shot.  








Fingers frozen and mucus crusted on our noses, Jim and I drove back over the GGB and went straight to our next destination, North Beach.  With many of the San Francisco landmarks near to and visible from this area it was an ideal location.  Here we not only caught some cool shots of Coit Tower, Sts. Peter and Paul Church and The Transamerica but we also ran into a lovely lady named Leila who was curious about our cameras.  After a bit of talking we actually found out that she and her family are launching one of San Francisco's first locally owned brand of bourbon, Cyrus Noble.








After North Beach, we continued up the path towards China Town.  Admitedly, we staged a few scenes here but I'll bet you'll never be able to tell once the video is out!  We eventually made our way out of China Town but not without our Boba and also catching a few scenes outside of The Beat Museum.  This place was a tribute to our buddy Roddie Cooper.








Next stop: Downtown/Finanical District.  During the week I was sitting and eating lunch at The Plant and noticed how sunlight beemed through the buildings right around noon.  Thought it would be cool to capture on camera.







After 6 hours of non-stop shooting we decided to break for lunch.  It's amazing how short the day really seems when you're moving from place to place, trying to capture as much of it as possible.  Here we met with Jackie and attempted to be as covert as possible on the top of The Cheesecake Factory in Union Square.  We also took advantage of the crowded streets and shot up and down Powell Street.  We were lucky enough to also score some footage of the violinist.






By the time 3 o'clock came by we had a little less than 2 hours left of sunlight so we made our way towards home to pay homage and film our beloved Cole Valley.  The time was now 4:15 and sunset was at 4:53 so we zipped out to the Old Highway and headed up the hills to the Sutro Baths.  I remember the first time experiencing this, Jackie and I were walking our friends dog, Bentley, with our two buddies James and Brad.  Thinking back on that day I don't think we stayed to watch the sunset but it was a summer day in San Francisco and for some reason it was just as cold as it was on this day.  Weird!




Regardless of the cold, Jim and I both caught some more great footage from two separate locations.  At exactly 4:55 daylight had finished and we were exhausted but all I remembered thinking about was a quote from Scotty Smalls in The Sandlot, "we were walking on air that night...It had been a solid victory."


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