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Nordstrom Event Featuring Ceravelo

Posted on 14 December 2011

Thursday, December 1 was not only a night to remember but a great success!

If you've kept up with our posts you are aware of the fact that Ceravelo was invited to showcase its entire line of ascots at one of Nordstrom's flagship stores in the San Francisco/Bay Area.  This all came about after I was introduced to a man by the name of Chris Deehan.  I met Chris while selling our ascots at the Castro Street fair and the rest is history.

Nearly two weeks ago to date, our 1-bedroom SF apartment was a complete disaster.  Regular house duties were neglected in the short term as Jackie and I labored/strategized to bring all the elements together for this important night.  For a solid 3 to 4 weeks leading up to the event our entire team put forth a huge effort.  Katie, Inna and Dale were all handling the various stages of ascot construction.  Adam was on the back-end making sure our site was in pristine shape and presentable to the next phase of customers.  Napoleon was holding down the fort with his SEO tools.  Iann Ivy and Robert Shabazz were capturing the next look for Ceravelo with their cameras and discerning eye(s).  Lastly, Jackie and I were tying up all the loose ends: product shots, inventory updates, ironing etc. As well as, working with Social Media Impulse to make sure they delivered our social media templates for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on time.  How did it all come together?  

Take a look:

Dsc02993 Dsc02998 Dsc02991 Dsc02994 Dsc02996 Dsc03002 Dsc03003 Dsc03004 Dsc03010

If the pictures don't express our true joy believe me when I say that it was a night we'll never forget.  All of our family and friends were in full force that night.  Thank you Bob and Ana (Jackie's father and step-mother) for helping us roll in the suit cases/garment bags and setting up the beautiful display.  Phil, we missed you in the beginning but you were there in spirit :).  Michael and Michelangelo - thank you.  And to Jackie's lovely lady friends, we especially thank you for being there at every step.

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